***Updated 05/12/2020***

This is for ALL bird keepers. ​

Temporary DEFRA changes have been put in place in order to prevent the spread of Bird Flu. Here at Safehaven, we are passionate about keeping all our volunteers, supporters and more importantly – our birds safe. 

From the 14th December ALL birds, including poultry and aviary birds in England, Scotland and Wales MUST be kept indoors where possible. This means that all enclosures must be covered with either netting or other means to prevent mixing our birds with wild birds. ​

It takes just 1 bird to contract the Bird Flu, and then any birds in a radius of 3km are then vulnerable.  ​

As always, ensure you wash your hands before and after dealing with any of your birds and if possible, change your footwear regularly when entering in and out of your aviaries to reduce the risk of bacteria from the wild birds spreading.