Parrot Rehabilitation


Would you like to become a Safe House or Area-Coordinator for Safehaven Parrot Refuge?
You will be required to have a home check, please note that this requires a homecheck in which you will need to pass, you will also need to become a member of Safehaven.

Safehaven Parrot Refuge does not have a central base and instead is operated from the homes of many amazing volunteers across the United Kingdom. We do not offer any voluntary work whereby you can ‘visit us’ to help out with the birds.


Area-Coordinator (ACO):

To become an ACO you will need:

The responsibilities of an ACO:

Safe House (SH):

To become a safe house:

The responsibilities of a Safe Houser:

All safehousers have the option to apply for long term fostering along side other candidates.

Do you want to be a part of Safehaven Parrot Refuge, but can't look after Parrots?

Alternatively, if, for any reason, you are unable to look after any birds but still want to be a part of the magic - then we have other roles within the refuge! Such as becoming part of the admin team or help with fund raising for the charity. What does the admin team do? ​

Want to help Safehaven Parrot Refuge?

If you are interested in joining our amazing team, go to the CONTACT US page on the website and complete the questionnaire. ​