Rehoming and Fostering

How to apply for a bird

Safehaven is a nationwide network of safehouses and long-term foster homes. Our charity is run by volunteer safehouses, area co-ordinators and Trustees. Many of our volunteers also have other jobs and as such, rehoming a bird with you can take a little time. Please bear with us whilst we juggle all of this, our bird’s health and wellbeing is our top priority.

To be able to apply to be a long-term foster home for one of our birds, you must be, and remain for the duration of your safehouse or long-term fostering, a member of the charity. By safehousing or long term fostering with us, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and to agree to a welfare check on the bird with notice. (Our full terms and conditions will be provided upon request).

We cannot foster or safehouse a bird with a person under 18 years of age. Birds that are long-term fostered or safehoused, must remain within England, Scotland, or Wales. Unfortunately, we do not currently operate outside of these boundaries. ​

Our Adoption Process

Stage 1: A home check

We start off at Safehaven, with a homecheck. Where possible, we will do this face-to-face. If a home visit is not possible, then it will be done over video call (either FaceTime, Skype or Facebook video call). During a homecheck, we go through a questionnaire to find out what bird would best suit your lifestyle, routine and experience. Please be as honest as you can. Home-checks can of course be unsuccessful if we feel you’ve been dishonest with us or that we generally feel that no bird would be suited to your environment.

We try to support everyone as best we can. If it’s a specific parrot that you would like but we feel you are not ready yet, we will support you all the way; we will encourage you to do more research and advise you where we can, we will continue to support you once you have a new parrot and make sure you are comfortable and confident with your new friend.

Stage 2: The pairing process

We now begin (if you are ready) the search for your new friend! This is the most exciting bit. We try to pair a bird as best we can to both yours and the birds needs.

At Safehaven Parrot Refuge, our aim is to place the Charity's birds with the most appropriate long term foster home according to their individual requirements. This means taking into account not only your experience and knowledge, accommodation, lifestyle and the space available, but also the needs and welfare of any existing animals or pets you may have in your household.

In some circumstances, this may mean that we are not able to place a particular bird with you, however in such circumstances, our team will try to suggest alternatives.

Stage 3: Adopting your new friend!

Once we’ve found the chosen bird, that you are happy to rehome, we arrange the perfect time for you to come and collect your new family member. After that, we ensure we support you the whole time. We are here to guide you and ensure your bird has the best possible life with you.

What costs are involved in rehoming a bird from Safehaven?

When you long term foster a bird from Safehaven, you do not buy the bird. Our charges are to cover the costs of moving birds and assessing them, obtaining veterinary treatment and undertaking the homechecks of their new home along with continuing our rescue and rehabilitation work to help more birds in need.

Preparing to welcome your new parrot – what you will need:

Some parrots that come to us, do not always come with everything they need. We will try our best to rehome a bird with a cage but in some cases you may have to provide one prior to rehoming the bird. When preparing to rehome a parrot you will need the following items:

Feel free to contact us for recommendations on products for specific birds.

Cites 1 birds

All Cites Appendix 1 birds will have the legal documentation required where a donation fee is requested. The bird will have a leg ring, or a microchip and the A10 certificate as required by law.

Moving house?

Please ensure you keep us informed of any changes of address so that we may keep our records up to date. Should you move, please ensure you identify your nearest avian specialist vet as a priority in case you need to get the bird veterinary care.

If a donor wishes to keep in touch or to see how their parrot is doing, this is always welcome. If there are any questions about the parrot, who better to ask, than the previous owner! If you would like more information, or you are thinking of rehoming your parrot with us then please click the button below. This will take you to our rehoming page where you will find more information on our procedures.

We're here to help you

For advice or if you are thinking of rehoming your bird

Safehaven is here to offer anybody advice in connection with their parrot(s). Within Safehaven, there are a lot of people who have many, many years of experience with the different types of species of parrot, who are only too willing to share their knowledge.

We think Safehaven Parrot Refuge is a very worthwhile charity and one that is much needed, and we hope you will too. Please do think about joining and supporting us, so, that for many years to come, we will be able to help parrots in need.

We have members who have first aid and critical care knowledge and experience.