Purchase Subscription


Before you can rehome a bird from us, we ask for an initial Home check fee. Once the home check has been carried out and you have successfully passed, we then ask you to top up to your membership fee. This fee can be an ongoing annual payment which must be renewed throughout the time you foster a bird from us.

Please note that by safehousing or long term fostering through us, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions, whereby, membership must be kept up to date, and to agree to a welfare check on the bird in your care with notice. Our full terms and conditions will be provided on request.

The membership fee is crucial in keeping Safehaven Parrot Refuge running and helps to cover the costs of administration, veterinary care, transport, cages, toys and so much more.

**Please do not purchase a membership without having first paid your homecheck fee and passed, as we cannot offer refunds should you be unsuccessful for any reason**